Gone Fishin'

I headed out on a fishing trip outside Kunming with my friend Ma Yan and some of her buddies. Fishing is a popular activity here. There are dozens of shops in the Bird and Flower Market that sell fishing equipment.

What's a good road trip if the car doesn't break down on the way?
We got to this little house out in the country where we waited for fishing rods and the like. We sat in the hovel and watched TV and swatted flies.
Pretty exciting. Fishing in China mostly consists of going to a pit dug in the ground and stocked with fish. Our bait was little food pellets we forced into snips of plastic tubing and stuck on a hook. Here Ma Yan is tubing the pellets. I caught the most fish of the group! :-)
What's a good road trip if you don't run out of gas on the way home?
Here's the fun part. We stopped at a roadside restaurant on the way home and they cooked up our fish for us!
We had a seat on the porch and the food began to arrive... fish soup!
Mmm, tasty.
The floor gets awfully messy during Chinese meals, as does the table. This is one of my favorite things about eating Chinese... if you don't want to eat something, just drop it on the table or the floor. I had a little difficulty getting over this habit when I went back to the States for a visit, much to my friends' dismay.
Here's what a soup dinner looks like from above. Circles, circles, circles. Bowls are popular serving dishes in China (even if it's not soup... you always eat from a bowl!)
On the way home in the evening, we stopped at one of the guys' apartments and they had a calligraphy competition. Drunken calligraphy, woo hoo! Some ended up on the walls...