Snaps of Kunming

These are some pictures I've taken around the city. These are limited at this point because I'm afraid to point my camera at people, and people are everywhere. Hope to add more later!

Purty early morning clouds.
Here's a little side entrance off an alley near my home.
Here's the alley the entrance above is off from. Hm, I'm an English teacher, huh?
Here's the guy who sold me the memory card for my camera. I was testing the card. Not real interesting, but there aren't many other pics in this category, so he gets the nod.
I was having a beer in a little riverside cafe downtown one evening, and thought I'd try the long-exposure setting of my camera. Wow, first try!
Little building near my house.
Same building, juxtaposed with the Pink Palace towering up behind it. New Kunming, meet Old Kunming.
Ummm... the future of Chinese fashion?
Balloons!!! These kids know how to have a good time. Rock on!
Ooh, here's the little dining room where I take my dinners Monday through Thursday. We have a cook who makes lunch and dinner M-F, for those who wish to partake.
Time to go grocery shopping! This is one of countless streets dedicated to the selling of FOOD! All you farmer's market aficionadoes, eat your heart out. This one has mostly vegetables, but there are some meat vendors as well. I have been to a couple of really cool markets, and this one is rather ordinary... but it's the closest to my house. Still very nice.
Another shot of the market street. Lemme see, a couple of broccoli heads cost about 6 cents, three tomatoes about 7 cents, mushrooms were expensive at 10 cents for about 15 mushrooms, a red bell pepper 5 cents, an onion... well, you get the picture, veggies are cheap. A quarter of a fresh chicken was about 40 cents. Most people buy a live chicken and take it home, but I did find a couple of folks who sold cut-up chickens.
This should really be in Home Life, but it went with the cooking theme so here it is. I'm preparing all the yummies I bought in the pictures above. Like the duds? By the way, the giraffe on the oven mitt is saying "How are you?" :-)