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Well, as my friends might have noticed, this page has gone un-updated for quite a few months. This is mostly due to the fact that China is no longer a new experience for me; it has become something like normal life. As such, I'm not as inclined to think it all so noteworthy, and don't feel much need to photograph it or make commentary on it. I mean, how often do we record our daily lives and post them on the web for others to see? "Here I am eating at McDonald's on Kentucky Street. Here's the store where I buy my lunch. Here's a picture of my cute dog." Ya know what I mean?

Regardless, I do have quite an archive of photos from little trips I've taken, and I've finally gotten around to processing some of them and posting them up for you to see. I still have no photos from my Tibet trek; Sam has all of those on slide film so I have to get them scanned somewhere if I want to post them. And he's been out of town the past two months. Sooner or later...

Site Update Announcements:

02/13/2004 Update: Holy cow, I just now realized that today is Friday the 13th! Well, no matter, I have posted four new exhibits in the Road Trips section, the most scenic being my tour of the caves at Jiu Xiang. Also included are Hong Kong, a fishing trip, andthe Horticultural Expo garden.

03/09/2003 Update: OK, I have more than 120 photos from my trip to Myanmar up in the Road Trips section. I've broken them into four galleries so those of us with slow connections don't spend half an hour loading the thumbnails. I'm too tired and busy to write any accompanying account of the trip, so the photos will have to do for now.

02/22/2003 Update: A buttload of photos from my Spring Festival trip to Dali and Lijiang are now available. The Road Trip section, where else?

01/03/03 Update: Posted a new photo spread of Christmas and New Year's Day activities. Lots of fun pictures! Check it out in the Road Trips section.

11/25/02 Update: Posted a couple of photos of a food market (and me cooking) in the Kunming section. Also added latest e-mail update to the Updates section.

11/22/02 Update:Posted notes on and pictures of a trip to Zixishan Mountain, in the Road Trips area!

11/19/02 Update: Holy Mother of Bob! There is so much new stuff on here you won't believe it! Every page now has content, and I've posted, like, 50 new photos throughout the site. For sure check out the Road Trip section for the most scenic pictures. But they've all got new stuff. Thanks to many hours of labor... :-)

11/15/02 Update: GASP! I have made an actual content update!!!! More of my students are now in the teaching pages (so, students, quit bugging me about it!). :-) Also, I have done half the work of adding a bunch of new photos to the Road Trip, Kunming and Home Life sections. I hope I can get these completed soon so you can see some nifty new photos. Oh, I also added the last e-mail update to the updates page.

10/29/02 Update: New e-mail update posted to the Updates section

10/15/02 Update: New e-mail update posted to the Updates section

10/13/02 Update: I now have complete photo albums of three of my seven classes. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday second-years. We'll get all the kids up eventually. It's a lot of photos to prep for the web and such.